1967 Buick Wild Cat


How Cool is this Buick Wild Cat this is a eye catcher where ever it goes.



1967 Buick Wild Cat

The year 1967 brought an all-new engine to the Wildcat line (along with the Riviera and Electra 225) – a 430-cubic-inch V8 with four-barrel carburetor and 360 hp (268 kW) rating that featured larger valves for better breathing than the previous 401/425 nail head design that dated back to Buick’s first V8 in 1953. It has a 10.25:1 compression ratio and a four-barrel carburetor, with max power reached at 5,000 rpm and 475 lb⋅ft (644 N⋅m) of torque at 3,200 rpm – all SAE gross values. The 430 was relatively short-lived as it was only offered through the 1969 model year. For 1970, the 430 was superseded by the largest Buick V8 engine ever – a 455-cubic-inch engine that was basically a bored version of the previous engine with the same large-valve design and a horsepower rating of 370, and torque rating of more than 500 pounds. Also, 1967 and 1968 saw the addition of new federally mandated safety equipment that provided better occupant protection in a collision, and accident avoidance features as well. Like other full-size U.S. cars of the late 1960s, the Buicks became bigger, plusher, and less economical.

How Cool is this Buick Wild Cat this is a eye catcher where ever it goes.

Custom Silver Flake Paint with a Candy Apple Red On the Roof you can see this car sparkle from a mile away.

This car also has Air Bag Suspension and has a cool custom stance and appearance,

White wall tyres, Clean Custom interior hell this car even has a flame thrower if you are crus in the streets or the highway you are going to look the part in this baby

I will attach more information in the next few days if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email shaun.roadrage@outlook.com


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