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Dream Vehicle Locator

Let us help find the vehicle of your dream

American Vehicle Imports

We have been very successful locating excellent, original cars that fit our clients’ specifications. Let us know your vehicle(s) of interest, your budget, and we will usually be able to locate several very nice vehicles within a couple of weeks, sometimes as soon as a few days for more common vehicles.

We will send you information and pictures of cars via email that seem to fit your wants and budget. We will obtain all the needed information from the seller and communicate it to you.

We offer many services that can be emailed through to you with a fixed pricing contract attached that explains the exact price you will pay landed for Importing a Vehicle from the USA to Australia, so you feel confident when purchasing your dream vehicle and don’t get surprised by any hidden cost.

We make sure that your purchase meets everyone’s standards to prevent surprises upon delivery. You’ll always make the last decision on which cars you want us to pursue on your behalf and we will work to negotiate the best price from the seller or you can deal direct with the seller.

When you have chosen a vehicle you like and you have agreed upon a price with the seller, we can request that the seller places a “hold” on the car until an independent inspection can be completed. Most times, a hold can be placed on a car with a small deposit to the seller.

We use several Independent inspection service to coordinate the inspection for the actual cost of $295 to $595 depending on location and vehicle inspection.

Independent inspectors will visit the seller, review the vehicle, document the condition in a written report, and take plenty of digital photos.  Usually within a few days after the inspection we will receive a comprehensive report on the vehicle, including lots of photos, and forward it to you via email. These reports have helped us confirm that a vehicle is an excellent vehicle, but also have kept us from buying several misrepresentations. The peace of mind is well worth the fee.

You might have already located a vehicle yourself and want to use our services to do the transaction and all the checks before committing to purchase or you might have purchased a vehicle already and you want to use our services to ship the vehicle to Australia we can be of assistance in many different ways.

Give us the specifics, and we will tap into our extensive data base to find you the perfect Vehicle!

Locating a collector quality vintage car, classic car, or muscle car that is priced fairly in today’s market can be a challenge. Whether you’re a seasoned investor, or considering your first purchase, due diligence is a requirement and a time consuming procedure. Our Dream Vehicle locating service takes the risk out of the process, and guarantees the quality and value of the cars we sell.

Vehicle Transport in USA to our facility

Over the last ten years, we have forged great relationships with trucking services in the U.S. and with exporters to our facilities. We never mark-up the cost of shipping, so you receive our volume purchase price along with respectful, great service from our providers. We trust our providers will offer services you’ll be satisfied with at reasonable prices.

Vehicle Sales (Inventory)

Please take the time to view our Inventory of vehicles and Purchase your dream car with easy to deal with sales people that only job is to get you in your dream vehicle or investment with a hassle free environment.

Bring the Kids Our Waiting room has vehicle simulators, ping pong tables and Xbox to keep the kids occupied while you look over your dream vehicle. Or they can chill out watching a film.